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The Flight Centre K2 is delighted to be able to support the Auckland Helicopter Rescue Trust. They play such an important role in both Auckland and the region generally. They also help to support our event and play a crucial role in the safety network that surrounds the Flight Centre K2.

Why Fundraise?

You may be familiar with the work they do in the community, but what you probably don’t know is that ARHT now go to more missions than ever. In 2016 alone they flew an incredible 1111 missions throughout the Greater Auckland & Coromandel regions. This is an incredible mission workload for 2 helicopters, and by far the heaviest in New Zealand.

ARHT’s motto is Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. This means helping people of any age, gender & nationality, wherever they can get to them, 24 hours a day. Although each and every mission costs over $7000, this community service is 100% free of charge thanks to the good will and generosity of community members like you.

Without your support they simply can’t fly, or save lives.

If you’d like to read just a small snippet of some of their stories, go HERE


As with anything in life, it’s important to have goals for your fundraising. As charity we have a number of costs that can be covered by your valuable fundraising:

$100 - 1 full minute of flight time. Doesn’t sound like much, but it gets the chopper about 5km closer to the next patient
$200 - 1 pair of ‘raptor’ scissors – the crew use these to remove clothing, seatbelts or other material objects
$650 - High-res binoculars, enabling the flight crew to spot people from more than 2km away
$1,000 - EPURB – a personal locator beacon that is absolutely critical if any of the crew are to get into any danger
$2,500 - Covers half a rescue mission. If two teams were able to raise this you will be combining to get someone to the care they need
$3,800 - The price of a new flight helmet, one of the most valuable pieces of kit for a rescue helicopter crew member
$5,000 - Covers a full rescue mission on your own – if you did this we would send out a dedicated photo for each member of your team

Whilst we would love everyone to raise the full $5,000 or even more to cover the cost of a mission, we understand that this is a huge ask. We’re asking individuals to set themselves a minimum goal of $750, and teams to set themselves a goal of $2500 – half a lifesaving mission.


While you may do the race as an individual pursuit – fundraising as a team can be a lot easier. You can tap into group networks, hold events and of course pool your fundraising efforts into one large sum. Better results for your team mean better results for the chopper.


Signing up is easy – click here and you’ll be taken directly to the fundraising page.

  1. Click on the ‘start fundraising’ button
  2. Here you’ll create your own personal everydayhero account – either sign up with your Facebook profile, or fill in the relevant details & hit enter


After you’ve created your own supporter page, you can create a ‘team’ page for your team. Your page can now act as a team leader to approve team requests, edit the team page and invite members via email. To begin setup simply:

  1. Click on the ‘create a new team’ link to the right hand side of your team leader page and enter your team's name.
  2. Congratulations! You have created your Team Page. You'll see that you're the first and only member at this stage. Your team leadership is noted with a gold star at the left corner of your profile photo. Now, just take the time to personalise it by clicking on the edit this team page button.
  3. Share your team page with all potential members of your fundraising team and ask that they join the team by creating their own supporter page


This year we hope to raise at least $20,000 for this important service. This will allow them to build a critical flight path to a specific region in the Coromandel – enabling flight in otherwise impossible weather conditions.


There are a multitude of effective ways to fundraise as an individual or team. For some great advice don’t hesitate to contact Katie at ARHT by email: events@arht.org.nz

Thanks, and best of luck with your fundraising!